Is it really so hard to express to some people how much they matter to you because they already know you are not the expressive / showy type of person, or is it just me? Has anyone out here ever felt like that? Like, they don’t expect anything from you anymore, but then you’ve changed over time and you kinda want to express it now.

Idk, am I making any sense? Continue reading


Pause. Fly. Fall.

sky blue sky

Lately I’ve been finding myself more dazed and spaced out than usual, caught up in regular day-to-day moments. Most of the time ending up wistfully staring up at the sky gazing on those huge flying machineries they call airplanes with sad eyes. “Take me away, take me with you,” my heart says, loudly at first, though I seem to be the only who can hear it, and then it’s gone. Continue reading

On why I barely talk at all

Lately I’ve been dealing with a lot of different people as a requirement for my new job. And as fresh and exciting as it is, there comes a point where you get tired from doing something repeatedly. Don’t misinterpret this; I like that I’m learning a lot from meeting different types of people and getting a glimpse of their personalities, but do understand that if I don’t have to, I probably wouldn’t. Continue reading