First day of classes! Yahoo!

But this post is not all about it. Well, I was not excited for school. Why? First off, I only have a single subject on Mondays, starting at 2:40pm – 4:10pm. Second, I am alone. Yes. I’m an irregular student.. oh wait. I’m an irregular introvert transferee student, who attends her own class alone because she doesn’t have a friend on her own department. Hey! It’s difficult to keep a lot of  friends with my condition since my classmates change every term. And in this case, I’m surrounded with new faces. Again. But like I said, this post is not all about it. Change topic.

What I was really excited about was meeting up with my old La Salle friends. There are two of them. My first college best friends. I was really happy to see them again. I treated them for lunch and dessert since it is my birthday. (Today. Uh-huh. While I’m writing this.) So yeah, we talked and laughed a lot. Which I really missed since I last talked to Neng a couple (?) of months back and to Rain, like, 6 months ago during a friend’s party, so we weren’t able to talk that much. Anyways, it was really fun to see them again; to talk about school, crushes, and changes. It’s not even a year since I left La Salle and I know a lot has changed. But still, it feels good to talk to my BFs just like the way we used to.  That just made my day. :) I love my friends, you know. And just when I thought people have left, it’s nice to see that there are still those who don’t seem to forget. Well, I love you guys. I know this doesn’t sound like me, but, come on! It’s my birthday. Pagbigyan, ok? ‘Til next time!

Good night. :)

PS. Thanks to those who have greeted me in advance! Nakakatuwa lang. Salamat!



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