A Tumblr Post

It’s been weeks since I last posted an entry here. To be honest, there’s nothing interesting happening to me lately. Nothing worth blogging. I’m having quite the same shit everyday, it’s tiring already. So, for the sake of posting something, let me share this post I found on The Diarists’ Tumblr.

A Confession

I’m lonely most of the time.
I need someone by my side. Someone who would give me courage and strength when everything is down. Someone who I could tell all my secrets and dreams to. The one who won’t judge me just how the others do. Someone not afraid to say what he truly feels about me.

I know he’s just out there. But I really can’t wait to see him. I need him now, now that I need him the most. I want him to be reading this confession.

Hey, you may be the guy who walked pass by me. You may even be the guy behind me and my friends while we were taking pictures…

But I’m seriously hoping you’ll be the guy who can show me what love means in different thousands and hundreds of ways. The one who could take me to forever …

by: Forgottenstars


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