Church Pilgrimage = EPIC FAIL

Warning: Angry post below. Pardon the cussing.

About five hours ago I was busy preparing to go to school for our “Visita Iglesia” for my Dynarel (Dynamics of Religion) class. I woke up at 4:30 am and barely had breakfast. [We] were supposed to go to Cavite and visit 4 churches. Yes, I was supposed to be with them RIGHT NOW, all set with my baon, taking pictures with friends, and learning the history of those churches. Not that it interests me at all, but I thought it would be fun and I kinda looked forward to it. I paid P700 for, uhm, the transpo, I guess? ‘Cause I don’t really know what that fee’s for. They’re not even providing for our meals. Tch whatever. My parents and I signed for this waiver and I also registered online for the list of the attendees. See, I AM READY.

I left the house at around 5:20 am and I texted my friend Mark (he was supposed to be my seatmate during the trip.) He told me he’s on the skyway already, and me.. I just left the house. GREAT. When he arrived at CSB, he told me they’ll be leaving at 6:30. Ah yes, I looked at my watch and saw it’s already 6:15. And I wasn’t even on the express way yet! What a progress, huh! 55 minutes since I got on the bus and we haven’t even reached SLEX. WHATTHEFUCKIZZUP. Of course, I started to panic. But knowing our Prof, I had hope that I could still catch them. I asked for her number and texted her right away.

~ No response ~

I was already at Magallanes when Mark texted: Naka-u-turn na kami. :| And I was like, “SHIT”, and was about to cry. I really wanna cry. But no. I thought of alternatives on how I could possibly get to wherever they’re headed to – get a cab, hitchhike, anything.. well, not really. Anyways. When I arrived in school,  I talked to the guards and they said that the buses left at 6:30. No more trips to Cavite left. I wanna die that time. Really. But no. I loaded up my phone so I could call people, ask help from my dad, from friends, and talk to my prof. I am willing to take the cab, you know. I just wanna get there.

But suddenly, my oh-so-amazing phone lost its signal. Not a bar. Not even a glimpse of one signal bar. I went back to the main campus, to Mcdo Taft, and ended up on Starbucks, ordered a coffee and waited for a signal. Turned my phone on/off, removed/put back the battery, and I was even on the verge of throwing it. Shook it to death, dropped it on the table several times.. still no signal. My battery’s running out. I’M DYIIING. Srsly, I don’t know what to do! I have no idea where my classmates are (except that they are in Cavite, duh). I’m incapable of contacting anyone. Dude, I’m doomed. So I gave up. There’s no way I could follow them in that situation.

I have no idea what will happen next, knowing that that trip was “required”. Fuck that. If only I had a car! Or a friend residing in Manila that isn’t busy and has a car! OHCRAP. Of course it’s my fault ’cause I left late. But it is not my fault that that friggin’ bus stops on every inch of the road to grab passengers. Men, we spent most of our time filling the bus up! It’s also not my fault that Globe is fuckin’ unreliable!  They suck big time. And, of course, it is not my fault that I had a 6-9pm class last night, that being the reason why I slept late. Duh, I arrived at 11pm! Plus I ate my dinner and fixed my stuff. Tsk.

STILL, no matter how angry (and sorry) I am right now, I can’t do anything about it. I guess I’ll just have to face the consequence. Let’s see what happens next. Meanwhile, I’m gonna see if I can hang with some friends right now. I need people to talk to. Ciao.

*UPDATES: I just received my Prof’s text just now (but timed at 7am!! Screw Globe!!) saying that I can just join the next trip instead. OH MY GOD, THANK YOU! Yay! At least I got one less of my worries. Today could be a beautiful day after all. :)


2 thoughts on “Church Pilgrimage = EPIC FAIL

  1. Ayy. This situation is so familiar!!! Been there!! D: Buti ikaw, mabait pa prof mo at malayo talaga ang destination nyo, yung amin within UPLB campus lang.. and mind you, I was only 5 mins late that time! :(

    Okay, bitter pa din ako. HAHAHA


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