A haphazard post.

Olah! How is everybody doing?

I apologize for not posting regularly. At least I’ve got stuff to be busy about, right?  And yah, my life isn’t as boring as it used to be anymore. I don’t want to elaborate because every time I talk about something, i lose it. So let’s just leave it with that. :)

So, just a few updates:

  • Last last Thursday, dad already took off to Davao for his work. We’re not sure when he’ll be coming back but he might be here for christmas. It’s his new job and he was assigned there so he will be staying there. I think he’ll be coming home every three months and stay for a week? Something like that. We miss him! My sister and I will have to do the weekend groceries, Sunday masses, and the movie watching by ourselves now. :|
  • Friday, I got hold of all my midterm grades and they’re all, um, okay. Well, I have three 2.5’s which actually pull my grade down, making my midterm GPA 2.92 (?) – and that does not make it to the Dean’s List. *Sorry, grade conscious* Well, this is my second shot in college so I better not screw up. I seriously want to make it on the list. I shall work harder for the second half of the term. Hihi we’ve got 3 weeks left! Let’s go!
  • Also last Friday, I cut my 6-9pm Physics class. First time! Haha hellooo, it’s a 3-hour, once a week class. I missed our reporting, a quiz, an experiment, and the worst, the discussion. Pff, sucks. But I have to skip it since my Church Pilgrimage was rescheduled the next day. Remember that Church Pilgrimage? Haha. (See the story here.) Thank God my professor’s an angel, she allowed me to catch up the following meeting.
  • The next day, Saturday: Church Pilgrimage, at last! Well, it was fun.. except for the loner part. (//.-) Haha! Because, I was with another freshmen class so I didn’t know anybody. My friend wasn’t able to join so I can’t do anything about it. It was cool, though, learning the churches’ history, taking pictures of it, etc. We visited Maragondon, Kawit, Imus, and General Trias – one church each – and they were like over a hundred years old! Really awesome. I’ll see if I can post some pictures.
  • For movies, we have seen HP7 last Sunday!! Mehehe. It was AWESOME; NOT disappointing at all. Probably lacked a couple of significant events but all in all, it was excellent. (See: Things I loved & disliked about Harry Potter 7 by San) Go watch it if you haven’t!

There. Haha. The past week was just full of reporting and group meetings for projects. I’ve been in school for 6 days this week. Today I went to school to watch this indie film for Philo titled “Boses” with Ricky Davao and Cherry Pie Picache. It was a good one. Now we have to make a reflection about it, but I’m not in the mood to start so maybe I’ll just do it one of these days.

I actually made plans with my friends today, something we’ve talked about a week ago. It must have been fun if I did not refuse to go in the last minute. I was all set and excited when suddenly I just don’t feel like going. I know, I’m such a weird-ass. I just find it uncomfortable to hang with couples. Just. No. I mean, I’m done looking like a chaperon. My previous friendship had given me enough exposure already. I might just feel worse if I came. I can’t handle that. Not now.

Anyway, Mom’s arriving this Wednesday! Haha. Now THAT is something to look forward to. Can’t wait, we have a lot of plans on her vacation! I guess we won’t be so alone on weekends after all, since dad’s not around. But for how long?



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