Euphoria @ Seventh High

March 18, 2011 = probably the most exciting moment of my teenage life, evarr.

Not just because it was my first time to party, and in a high-end club it is, in my 19 years of existence but also because I got to spend the night with my ex (and only) block mates! After over a year, we finally got to hang and catch up! 

Raping the photobooth!

We were the first ones to try it out and we got tons of pictures haha!

The DJ, the stage, and the dance floor. About to start!

Block matez

More block mates. Allen, Denzel, Enzo + Stef ;)

On the dance floor hihi /fave shot

I know, I didn’t really dance as much as you guys did, sorry. But I don’t/can’t dance at all haha! Besides, it’s not what you do but it’s who you’re with. It was really great seeing you all. ‘Til next time! :)

PS: I would like to thank Nepy for letting me stay for the night and TJ for the ride. I owe you guys.  The perks of not planning: Knowing who your most reliable friends are. :) x


PS 2: How can I forget? Thanks to Reyanne for always looking out for me. You’re the best babcie! :>



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