The Lousy Blogger

This blog is in dire need of updates. I would like to apologize to my readers and to myself, for being one lousy blogger for the past month or so. School just officially ended today (I know, delayed trimestral system sucks) and I’ve been spending most of my free time with my guitar and iPod, learning and recording new songs, and/or watching films that I have never seen before. WHUT. I am freakishly random like that. Anyway, updates!

  • Last Wednesday, I claimed a package that my mom sent in Muntinlupa. Yes, I already know what it was and I have giddily tweeted it on that day.
A Canon Rebel T2i (or 550D as they call it here) AND my first ever Forever The Sickest Kids album (since they are not available here boo)! Asfwfndsa! My mom is indubitably the coolest being on the face of the planet. It’s her gift since I have been “doing good” in school. Mehehe. And I swear, I’ve been dying to get this record on my hands ’cause I did not want to download it illegally hoho. Ok, next.
  • Dad spent the holy week with us. We stayed in Citadel Inn, Makati from Thursday-Saturday, which passed by painfully quick I can’t even~
We visited the famous stations of the cross at The Fort. In case you’re wondering, my camera died (yes, just right before we started praying, since we had our lunch first) so we switched back to our trusty digicam to capture the entire experience.
I say the idea of these interactive stations was really brilliant. We were able to contemplate and reflect very well. This is Mik nailing the black cloth she got from an earlier station.
Behind are the letters and prayers for everyone’s loved ones – the task for station 13.
The last activity. We sticked each of our red bead we got from the first station and formed the word “WE” for WE LOVE YOU, I think.
We also visited the stations of the cross on the barangay where my uncles lived. It has been a tradition in the family where my cousins and other relatives will come and visit the different “kalbaryos” built by the different community groups. We usually ride the car but we decided to walk that night.
Amazing concepts and creations. And the people, wow. A lot have actually participated (and hopefully contemplated) on this event.
  • Lastly, finals week. Yes, it was right after holy week. And being the great procrastinator that I am, I was not able to study until Sunday evening… while playing Resident Evil on Wii. Damn, my mind was already on vacation mode haha! Oh wells, I’m just glad it’s over. Card giving/Judgment day will be next week. Let’s just pray for the best.
That’s it for the meantime. I promise to post more often this vacation. Good night. x

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