It’s Just Not Good Enough

Note: This entry was composed May 4, 2011.

So yesterday was the “Judgment Day,” as I called it from my previous post. My grades have been revealed and (surprise!) someone is not very happy about it. If you’ve been following me on twitter, this won’t be hard to guess. 

8 am I came in school to get 3 of my remaining course cards. Being confident with the two of them, I decided to head first on that one other subject – World Literature (WORLITE.) For the record, I never really liked that class. But I tried to!  Just like what I do on all my subjects at the start of the term. But for some reason, this one is unbearably annoying. And thus, a final grade of 84 = 2.0.

Okay, I DIDN’T MAKE IT TO THE DEAN’S LIST. Sucks, man. But that’s the way it is. I keep blaming it on my classmates and my professor, which are quite to blame actually. But the truth is, it was all me. Given that that class sucks, I still let my emotions and weaknesses rule over me and look where it got me. So yep, you better be careful, kids. You really are your greatest enemy. The worst part? You won’t even notice it until it ruins everything else you have worked for. The good thing here is that I still have a number of terms left to try and do my best. Better not screw my chances. Not this time. Not anymore.

Our (her) only photo taken that day.

In other news, it was also my sister’s birthday yesterday! We went to Manila together and she waited until I was done with my course cards. Watched Thor and Diary Of A Wimpy Kid 2 at Glorietta 4, ate nothing but fries, made fun of everything we could think of, and window shopped. Well, I did. I swear, my sister is not luxurious by any means while I.. ended up buying a top and a book. :/

We were wandering through Power Books and I saw this. Been planning on buying it since late last year. I am no bookworm but the synopsis sounded interesting. I still haven’t finished Alexandra Potter’s You’re The One That I Don’t Want, though. I guess there’s much more in store for me this summer than I thought. Btw, I wanna thank my little sis for patiently listening to my complaints and senseless blabs the whole day. You’re the most amazing person in the world. Hope you had fun even without mom and dad around. Love you. x



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