5 Random Facts About My Mom

#1. She is NOT my older sister nor my kabarkada. I know she looks much younger than her age and often times people (usually strangers) see us as sisters or something – Mikka, Mommy, and I. Though it happens most of the time in school, in the malls, in public markets and everywhere else, she has been my mom for more than 19 years now. 

Mom singing with friends at work

#2. She sings really good. (No bias here) She sings in bands, in karaoke, in birthday parties. She sings with me, she sings with my friends, and she sings with my guitar. We record random videos of our “performances” and still plans on doing more. Without any formal lessons, she has been blessed with an amazingly talented voice and confidence.

#3. She hates being exposed under the sun. You can never ask her to play badminton or volleyball outside in the afternoon; an arm cover and a pair of sunglasses are necessary in driving during daytime; and she is definitely not a beach bum – something that I must have inherited from her.

#4. She absolutely loves color green. When we first moved in our apartment, we used colored themes in every part of the house and we colored our bathroom, if not the rest of the house, green. From curtains to pillows to place mats and rugs, there must always be a hint of green.

#5. I could say she certainly is the best among the rest. Her marriage might have failed, she may have been away for the past 10 years, but she has never fell short of being a mother. Thank you for everything. We love you, mommyow :*




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