Take some chances

And then term break arrived.

I’ve been longing for this in weeks! This term has been the most stressful, most exhausting, yet the best and most fun term I’ve had. I got to shoot music videos, draw and paint stuff, stage manage a play, and so many more. Haven’t slept in about 3 days straight to finish all my requirements on time. Talk about first times haha. Posting photos as soon as my laptop charger gets fixed. For the meantime, here’s my list of things to do on term break:

  • Send my laptop charger to repair
  • Send (AGAIN asdfgadkvk) my guitar  to repair
  • Send my camera to repair -__-
  • Salon & spa with mommyow
  • Movie mara with mom and Mik
  • Photoshoot with friends
  • Shoot for short film with friends
  • Finish the couple of books I bought
  • Enroll ugh
  • Driving lessons (as if hahah)
  • And other random activities I could think of
And I shall fit ALL of this in ONE week. Ohai life.
‘Til I post again. x


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