Happiness, it’s a state of mind

Greetings from… our humble home!

And where else do you expect? It’s raining hard outside and I’m kind of dismayed that I won’t be able to execute all of my plans on our ultra-mega short break. Photo- and film shoots (with still unlocked details) in 3 days? Seriously, time is ruining everything. And so does the mismatched schedules of everyone. Basing on my friends’ quick and excited replies (learn sarcasm), I’m guessing I just know that none of our plans this week will ever work out, just like it always does. No complaints, though. I learned to expect less, if not nothing, from any of them anyways.

On the bright side, I got all my grades yesterday and they’re pretty decent. All beyond what I expected. Of course my mom is very happy to hear about it and said she’ll reward me a day at the spa (which we have planned way before she arrived.) Looking forward to that.

[Bragging rights] I also got a 4.0 on Color Rendering! I wasn’t able to claim my course card on the subject so I bugged my professor via text until I got it out of him. It’s probably the sweetest thing I learned yesterday because despite being ignorant of painting, I fell instantly in love with it on my first (painting) plate. And I’ve been in love with art ever since.

Some other updates: Laptop charger, guitar, and dslr still weren’t sent to repair which are causing the delay of posting photos. Actually, I haven’t left the computer (mom’s laptop) since I woke up today! Ugh I hate feeling like I’m wasting my time. Well, POTTERMORE IS TO BLAME. Once again I’ve been sucked into the magical world without even noticing. Been brewing potions and trying to earn house points all day. My house is currently in the last place and I sincerely want to win the house cup haha! Plus, all the interaction with fellow Potter fans around the world excites meee. Congratulations, Jo, for starting up a new craze for us Potter lovers.

Be sure to register as soon as you can and experience the magic first hand. Pottermore opens for all on October.

You can also add me up if you want, I would love to duel: CrimsonStorm55




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