Birthday Wish(es)!

This is me putting my 2-hour break to good use.

It’s been almost 2 weeks since second term started and I had my first taste of sleepless night last night. I finished (not quite) my report on Lighting Design, specifically about Tech Rehearsals, with a 19-slide powerpoint. I reported last this morning along with my group (but graded individually) and, let’s just say, I know I could have done better. My brain literally froze as I got in front and deleted everything I have frrrrkinngg memorized! BUT, thank god for my (incomplete) notes I managed to at least finish (slash, skip) those 19 slides in a heartbeat – which I’m not very proud of since I sacrificed sleep for that merely 5-minute report. Not. Worth It.

However, I am somewhat excited for this week’s activities. I am planning to finish everything I need for the rest of the week tonight in order to make tomorrow a free day. Family’s planning on road tripping (despite the number coding scheme hahaha – our plate ends with 5!) and pigging out! And I’m talking about plain. pigging. out. It will be a teen-no-more-eat-all-you-want kind of celebration for me and I’ve been plotting the places in my head as early as last week haha! What can I say? Just let me mourn for growing old and let me celebrate for another year, okeh? ;)

Speaking of celebrations.. it would be nice to open presents during birthdays, right? RIGHT? HAHA But kidding aside, I can’t help but feel nostalgic every time my birthday passes without any gifts to rip open. It’s like an undeniable sign of getting olllldddd (and getting poooorr). And it sucks, and it’s sad, and it sucks even more when you realize you can’t do anything about it :(( /end of paawa effect

AND SO, I constructed a  list of the material things I would be grateful to receive on mah burfday, just for fun!

  1. All Time Low concert tickets, for gods sake (Yes, I can feel that I’m scratching this off the list soon – but thou shall not speak too soon haha!)
  2. The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins
  3. The Teen Vogue Handbook (‘Cause I saw one at Bibliarch Glorietta and it was gone by the time I got back and I just wanted one since)
  4. Dead Island for PC (or for PS3 or XBOX along with a PS3 or XBOX ’cause I don’t have one ok =))

Heh! I believe that sums up everything that I want (for now) ;)  A stock of good books, music, and games and my life is made. Besides, looking at the bright side, I have pretty much everything I need in my life right now and I just couldn’t ask for more.

‘Til here. Gotta run to class! x



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