Inspiration Overload

I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m sorta kinda lovin’ my 3.5-hour breaks at school. Major thanks to room 1007 for being vacant during my break times. So far, I had always kept myself busy.

So, during the course of my net surfing yesterday, I came across this one-of-a-kind art blog named Drawn. It’s a tumblr blog ran by a bunch of immensely talented artist bloggers from the United States and Canada. Not gonna lie, at first I thought it was just another art blog that reblogs stuff. But upon scrolling down the first page and watching this video (below), it had me. It just became my most favorite site in the world. No, in the universe.

Watch it! It’s 6 minutes well spent, I promise.

I am not, by any means, the most creative or the best artist/designer in class or anywhere. But seeing this gave me chills and even made me tear up. Every atom of me was inspired to just dream and create. Every post was exciting in their own way and the entire blog was.. orgasmic. Yeah, that would be the perfect word. The owners definitely did a good job in compiling such a diverse but equally awesome posts. I highly recommend this to all the artsy readers of this blog.

Page 8 was the farthest I’ve browsed but I’m sure to find the time to see their every post. Bookmarked! ♥ x



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