Get Your Rock On, Manila

First of all, I love Simple Plan, jsyk. They had me since the day I heard I’m Just A Kid on the first Cheaper By The Dozen flick. In fact, their song Promise (from album Still Not Getting Any…) is the very first song I learned to tab by ear – and I was on my sophomore year in high school. And it’s been ages since I first saw them front act for Avril Lavigne’s Bonez Tour – the first concert that I ever attended. We had a view from the open field beside the venue (thanks to the elevated landscape and the low constructed walls and the big screen set up) and I’ve been singing to their songs since.

Last night was no exception.

Concert highlights?

Having the ever so energetic Kamikazee as their front act where the crowd really wowed me with their enthusiasm.. OR NOT.

You be the judge.

Of course, when they played my favorites – You Suck At Love, Thank You (“Salamat”), Loser Of The Year, and I’d Do Anything – which none (or maybe very few) of the audience know which, as a fan, I can’t quite comprehend.

If you were there and you paid attention, you should have seen and heard this. That moment when Pierre lifted half of his shirt (Good Lord) and when he said he hasn’t visited a beach in the Philippines and that he always gets naked on beaches. CRAYYY hohoho

My and Jeff Stinco’s eye freaking contact asdfghjk!! It was right after taking this photo and he was smiling and I just blushed like a madman under the dim lights. *Oh excuse me, uber big fan right here.*

And could their goodbye get any more dramatic? Singing Perfect as their last song, it started with Pierre in an acoustic guitar and later on joined by the rest of the band, and ended with prolonged instrumentals while throwing guitar picks, drum sticks, and water bottles to the audience, and Pierre saying his goodbyes. :( As they exit the stage one by one, you can see from their faces how grateful they were… Priceless. I may not be able to take home any souvenirs but I can play this scene in my head anytime, on repeat.


Last time I checked, Simple Plan’s a rock band and this was a rock concert. It’s going to be loud, it’s going to be crazy, and at some point it’s gonna be messy. So unless you budge from your seat and stop being a buzzkill, don’t bother wasting the space and give the ticket to those who badly want it instead.

Oh, and chairs and rock concerts? They never go together.

Personally speaking, in spite of the flaws of last night’s event, SP nailed it hard and made us fans real happy. Their cute Tagalog accent, sexy acts, and loads of freebies are just frosting on the delicious cake which is their music. Just imagine, 10 years of creating and touring and saving lives? Not many bands last that long. They must really love what they do. And they must have done something ridiculously right.

Props to you, boys! ‘Til we meet again. :) x



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