Random attack #012112

Boy, do I suck at giving titles.

This morning I had my first Stage Effects and Props class. I bet it would be good if I was in a better mood AND if I only knew how to effing sculpt. But the materials were massive (4 kilos of gypsum, etc + laptop wtf) and I had to bring it all the way to school on a Saturday morning. Saturday. Morning. To school. Via the bus, might I add. Bottom line: I ended up doing a relief sculpture of a lousy red star. Let’s not talk about that.

Thank God for free cuts, my second class was cancelled. Didn’t even bother to ask why. It was bittersweet, though, because I was supposed to report hence the bringing of laptop, which became a total waste of effort. Shit happens. At least I got time.

On the way home, one of my favorite 2011 movies was played on the bus. Gezwhut — The Thing! And finally, I was enlightened on what really happened with Sam Carter. Spoiler alert: Proceed to the next paragraph if you haven’t watched it yet. Apparently he survived the plane crash as a human and remained as one until he got separated from Kate on the alien ship. When they reunited upon facing the King Alien (as I call it) and survived, Kate notices Sam’s earringless ear and suspects. Now, it’s either he wasn’t really himself or he simply and stupidly forgets where his earring was located (left or right). It still got me thinking, what if he just lost that shitty earring and Kate spared his life. Then maybe she and him even ended up together. Happy ending, eh! PS – I think Lars was the true hero on this film.

ANYWAY, wanna hear the best news of the week?

Witwew! This is going to be rad. Plus the front tickets are standing! Ayeah?! *click image for ticket details* Excuse the crappy poster, heh.

For the meantime, I HAVE TO GET MYSELF SOME TICKETS FOR LIV 5. I swear to all the gods, if I don’t get at least one ticket to one of their 4-day show I will drop out of school. Bazinga! Horrr not, let’s see how far I could get. x

[UPDATE] I just noticed I put the wrong date for the  SYG and WATIC concert. It’s June 2, you guys! Not only is it lame but also misinformative. Apologies.



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