All the small things

What else can I say, but this week has been lovely and depressing in an unusually equal measure. Got nothing much in school to talk about, except for the fact that I have classes again tomorrow, and may I just express my utter disgust for my Saturday schedule, or any Saturday class for that matter. You’re doing a great job in ruining my weekly routine and I will never (more like don’t want to) get used to you.

So let me start with this week’s mishap, if you don’t mind.


Last Tuesday, my fucking iPhone fell off the SDA lobby floor as I was rushing to class. I knowww, how does one drop his/her iPhone on the way to class?! Stupid, reckless, unlucky me. I still remember that mini heart attack I had when I saw its screen as I picked it up. Frigging depressing -__-

Good thing, though! I got it repaired the next day at MOA. Apple doesn’t repair iPhones so I resorted to gadget boutiques. For 1500 bucks, it now looks as good as new! Though it was totally opposed to my OC self for unofficial stores to dissect my phone, I didn’t have much of a choice. Or maybe I did. But it’s either I play Temple Run with screen cracks on it or let them repair it instantly. Either way, I cannot survive without that phone.

On to the good stuff..

I recently finished my second book for this year entitled The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman. Two words: Loved it. I might be posting another entry regarding this one of these days.

Next in line:

(Taken with instagram)

Yes, finally.

I was jumping to the roof (literally) when my sister got this for me. After searching all the bookstores we see, Canossa’s book fair got maybe the last copy in the country. Lol idunno, but this made me really happy. Peeta, I am coming for you! And thank you, awesome sister of mine! :*

(Photo from MMI)

As for LIV 5 updates, and one of the good stuff that happened this week: MMI has released their new meet and greet contest! After months of waitinggg. You can check the mechanics here. I am currently working on my entry and I’ve got barely 3 weeks left! I badly want this one. Keeping my fingers crossed now.

PS. Currently enjoying the little things. I suggest you do the same :) x



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