Too young for this

Howdy! If you have been in any of the LIV5 shows and enjoyed it, then consider yourself as one of my closest friends for out of all the shit going on in this world, we have something big in common. Now, if you happen to be a big FTSK fan, then please, let’s paint rainbows and be BFFs.

Last night was, like I tweeted, the best night in my 20 living years and I’m not kidding or exaggerating no matter how superficial and immature that sounds. I have always, for the love of all that is holy, loved music. And by love, I don’t mean sound tripping when bored. It’s the whole other level beneath it.

So far, I have been in three major concerts – All Time Low, Simple Plan, and this, respectively. Before last night, I would say ATL was the best – with the most alive crowd, amazing set list, and beautiful performance. HOWEVER, nothing will ever beat you’re most favorite band/artist when it comes to comparison.

With all due respect to the four other bands of Liv5, I have been mostly anxious for the Kids’ performance because of three reasons: a.) Their happy/catchy/dancy music (which you can also rock out hard to) and straightforward lyricism; b.) They believe in God and are not ashamed of it (I mean, come on. How frequent is it that rock stars are also church people?); and c.) They make me feel alive more than ever. Like they have this direct connection to my soul or something. Every time I feel sad and lonely, I just listen to them and I forget. And because last night was epic and magical beyond words, I have condensed it in 11 (crappy) photos.

Jonathan talking about jeepneys/hipster taxis

Hi Caleb bby

I know it’s not much but I was too busy screaming and singing and rocking my heart out the entire 20 minutes or so. And I taped 3/4 of it instead (because I ran out of memory huhu), which I have been watching over and over, reliving the moment. I just love how I become during concerts, especially on this one. I’m usually quiet and reserved but in there I was acting crazy with my sister, singing to their every song because we can and nobody gives a fuck. And in that moment, I swear we were infinite. Now I know what Charlie/Stephen Chbosky means.

Unfortunately though I was not able to get any freebies (aside from an ARTTM signed photo) because we were just lowly white stub holders (remind me to get an A-Card asap!), but I did purchase THISZSZ…

… and I am so winning in life right now. Nvm that awkward pose, okay. THANK YOU, Jonathan, Caleb, Kyle, and Austin (and Rico!), for everything. Even though I seriously had to cry myself to sleep last night and be depressed the whole day today. Even though I cannot function properly for the past week up to now and my school stuff are piling up. It hurts, it sucks, but it’s all worth it. I wish you’d never leave though, but yeah, until we meet again, sweethearts. ♥ x

PS. Para kay kuya na katabi ko na wagas mag-headbang at pilit na sinisira ang barrier nung set na ng FTSK – ang saya mong katabi. Rakenrol!


7 thoughts on “Too young for this

    • Hey. No I wasn’t! But I was the girl with the neon sign that almost got up the stage.. if it wasn’t for kuya bouncer -__- How about you?! FTSK is EPIC


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