Follow the freeway, break the routine

5 days after Liv5 and I’m still struggling to get back on track.

Say hello to my recently finished midterm project for Scene Design 1. It took three fridays to finish ’cause I’m such a lazy ass.

It was supposed to be a miniature of the Globe Theater stage. I altered a few details and combined elements from The Fortune and The Swan theaters and this came up. The best feature of this would be the night sky ceiling that I made (which I don’t have decent pictures of to show you and I’m just too lazy to take another one). Still figuring out how to bring this thing at school though. Pf.

I still have a number of sketches to do for set and costume designs and I shall begin tomorrow. LIKE WHAT IS PROCRASTINATION.

Meanwhile, I’ve got to get back to my “readings”. I’ve been delayed for weeks and I hate it. I got 3 Hunger Games stuff to read and I am over the moon just staring at it right now.

Imma leave you with the latest song that’s stuck in my head. Enjoy the sexiness. x



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