Dreams and Dragons and Magic and Fireworks

Just an update to my readers out there. School just ended last April 16 and as much as I was eager to tell you about it, my family left for the states last April 17!! Yes, I am now posting this from LA where some of my relatives are currently situated. Whatever happened between the last time I posted and now doesn’t pretty much matter and equate to all that I have been experiencing here.

It’s been 5 days and my body still hasn’t adjusted both on the weather and on the time zone. I still wake up late in the afternoon if not at night, like now. However, we managed to get up 5 am-ish 2 days ago to pay a visit on  allegedly the happiest place on earth – what else but the very famous *drumrollsss* Disneyland!!

I swear, my life just got a hundred times better.

Mom and uncle @ Toontown

Just a very inaesthetic shot but still one of my favorites.

Inside of possibly the most badass ride in the park, the Space Mountain.

Some of the Yuvienco clan :)



Still. Gets me. Everytime. Still smitten.

Credits to my cousin Kuya Rap for the “fast passes” :D We were able to try eight splendid rides in a matter of 9 hours + see the parade and the Fantasmic show up close! LIFE = DEFINITELY MADE

Now stare at the beauty, fall in love, and relieve your childhood princess dreams…

Again, it just became one of the few best nights of my life. It was too nostalgic, too perfect, and too beautiful for the life of us. Disney has been a great part of my existence for as long as I can remember and has taught me so much. So please, if it matters to you as much as it does to me, do yourself a favor and make it a goal to see Disneyland at least once in your life. I promise, everything will be worth it. And as they say, let the memories begin! x



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