A glimpse of the other side of the world

“Pasukan na~!”, says my mom is a singsong manner.

I hate it when she does that. Well, I hate it when anybody does that – not the singing but the fact that school’s about to start and people try to make fun of it. Don’t get me wrong, I like school. At least I used to. But now that I have seen how much of the world I haven’t, school seems to be the last place I want to be at.

To be fair, I do believe I have learned enough shit from school already, although probably not as much as I pay for (no offense meant here, but you get the drift). Our vacation trip (to Le States, if you might ask) just seemed to be a very good breathe of fresh air – physically, mentally, and emotionally – for all the things I knew I wanted to be. Set aside the technological advancement, the traffic-disciplined citizens, and Disneyland. It’s no secret how much I’m crazy about art and music. And over there, everything actually seems possible. There’s just too much inspiration. Too much to learn. Too many opportunities to be who you want to be no matter the competition. It’s an entirely different world from where I grew up in. And it’s a kind of world where I think I’d like to dare to try. What better learning can you get than from the real world, right?

Now, coming from a third-world country might have played a big part on me saying this or perhaps it’s just the internet’s influence on my dreams and ambitions. I don’t know. What I know is that I sure would like to see more of it. I sure would like to learn more from it. More of what the world has to offer. More of what’s over there. More of what is not here. x

PS. I may not be as patriotic as you think but I do like telling the truth. I DO NOT believe that the Philippines have the worst airport in the world. Because believe me, I’ve seen worse.



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