Sunday-licious treats

To begin with, I had probably a lot more than my fair share of Lindt and M&Ms and Nissin Wafers for today that I feel like I’ve doubled my size in less than 12 hours. If that doesn’t make your Sunday-before-school bearable, then I don’t know what will. (Food is always the solution, kids!) And, as if these irresistible goodies aren’t sweet enough already, certain people and.. how should I call it.. stuff made my day even much better.


 (Taken with Instagram)

Dear Nylon,

I just read your January 2012 issue and I can already conclude that you’re the best magazine, ever! Those Amira Ahmed, Daniel Radcliffe, and Nina Dobrev articles (and basically all your photos) are truly inspiring for a student artist like me. With all its updates and information, it sure is worth more than it costs. Now you know you’re awesome, I hope you could also distribute your issues in Manila, because you know, we also exist.



Started my day finishing this issue and I just don’t know what to do with all the information I got from it. It’s too rich with new music and young icons that my artsy and fangirl selves kept partying. Still thinking if I should send them that letter of mine, though.


I’m a big sucker for anything nostalgic, tragic, and — I’m only gonna say this once — romantic. And so I tried this game that I got from a friend entitled To The Moon. Boy, wouldn’t I have held back my tears if it wasn’t for my sister who’s sitting beside me being all cool and shit. (For all I know, she’s holding it all back as well.)

(Click image to listen!)

Not only that but it also has its original soundtrack which proceeds go to charities! At least according to the end credits of the game. But it’s that good that I’m playing it on repeat as I write. And yes you got me right, I finished it in one sitting. Next up: Episode 2! I hope they release it asap. <3

STUFF NO. 3 (Certainly the most shocking of all)

YOU GUYS, THAT’S FTSK UP THERE, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?! I’m gonna do whatever it takes to get my sister and me some tickets! Mark these words. Plus, I always (always!!) wanted to experience a legit music festival with such awesomazing bands, and now here it is. Another item to be ticked off my bucket list.. hopefully!

(Last but not the least…) THE EPIC PEOPLE

Actually there’s only one I’ll be writing here for now. “People” only sounded better than “person” and made me look like I’m socially gifted or something haha :p And so, the person that I’m pertaining to would be my 8-year-long friend and HS best friend, Erika.

Circa 2007 @ EK

You probably know her or you probably don’t. I’m not gonna make this sound cheesier than it already is but I’m really glad that we had the time to quickly catch-up on life. Some roller coaster ride it has been, huh! Whatever happens, know that I am and will always be here no matter what. And you of all people should know that. :)

So you see the type of Sunday I just had? Ergo, I shall now hit the sack and sleep a little before school. (Ew school) To all of you with classes tomorrow, skip it! good luck! I, myself, have a report to deliver. Please pray I don’t screw it up. x



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