Sprinkled signs of bad luck

And I’m not just referring to the very bad and annoyingly bipolar weather that my country is currently experiencing, although it is one of the reasons why I am writing.

First off, my heart and prayers go out to all those affected by mother nature’s retaliation. Reports say that it has already surpassed Ondoy’s rainfall amount and it’s evident that it has never been this worse since that 2009 disaster, in Manila at least. However, the nation’s involvement and sensitivity when it comes to calamities never fail to impress. In spite of everything, my fellow countrymen’s bayanihan  and hopeful smiles seem to be their own sources of strength. And I may not be as patriotic as I know I should be but these are the things we should all be proud of. Hoping things will get better soon!

Unfortunately for me, this weather isn’t the only bad thing lurking around. For the past week or two I feel like I’ve been in the shoes of Bad Luck Brian; like the universe has been conspiring against me; like the odds were not meant to be in my favor; and there’s no other thing right now that hits me to the core than this gif:

And this post:

Sometimes I wish I could reach into my chest, remove my swollen heart and become a vapid, empty shell of a person. I am so tired of feeling. I hate that negativity comes so readily, and positive thoughts can be so fleeting. Read more…

Because frankly, I’m just tired. It sucks to be me at the moment and I don’t know if I’m gonna make it out alive. Faith is all I have, and it’s starting to fade. I wish destiny has something else to offer. I’m sure anything will be better. x



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