Albums that changed my life

Yup, still not done redesigning. Laptop’s been down and I’ve been using my mom’s for the last two weeks. For the meantime, I’m going to try and tell tales as much as I could while sharing this laptop with my sister.

So I’ve been a follower of Alter The Press for a year now and I found their site very informational for my music-related needs. One of my favorites, aside from their up-to-date posts, is their “albums that changed my life” section, where different lists from different music icons (like Alex De Leon of The Cab, Cassadee Pope of Hey Monday, Chad Gilbert of New Found Glory, and many others!) are featured every week. Tonight, after ages of wanting to post mine, I’m finally doing it.

Under My Skin – Avril Lavigne

Way before music has even appealed to me, Avril’s been a sensation since her hit Complicated topped the local charts. I fell in love with her style, her guts, and her lyrics the moment I saw/heard her. However, I consider this album closer to me than the others because every song of it either marked a part of me, taught me something, or just made me feel awesome. I remember blasting this record in the middle of a depressing day and instantly feeling empowered. Basically, it’s Avril who opened my door to the rock genre and to the type of girl I didn’t even know I want to be, and I thank her for that.

Favorite track: Freak Out

Favorite line: You don’t always have to do everything right, stand up for yourself and put up a fight.

Still Not Getting Any – Simple Plan

I don’t even care how emo their lyrics are (especially on this one) or how mainstream they have become; they will always be the first band I ever loved. I don’t know, they bring out the headbanger in me effortlessly — from intro to that last riff, it’s crazy. Plus their songs talk about life, experiences, and other sensitive topics that different types of people can relate to, which I don’t think a lot knows about. Not to mention they’ve managed to stay together in 10 years and still make badass records…?! Much respect right there, you guys. (Read more on how much I love Simple Plan here)

Favorite track: Jump

Favorite line: Forget your problems, time to let them go. Forget tomorrow, I just wanna jump!

All We Know Is Falling – Paramore

This is probably my junior and senior high school years in a nutshell. I recall an old friend giving me this cd, which I was reluctant at first to check out. Oddly enough, Hayley and the guys played the major part on my performing (noob) days. It was the songs from this album that I practiced until I dropped. It’s safe to say that it ignited my passion in playing music, and looking back, makes me wish I could do it all over again. This literally has too much memories and experiences attached to it that I have to include it here. Also, Hayley used to be my heroine at the time. I find her energy on stage and her boldness in her style and writing unique and truly inspiring. Definitely one of the coolest people I look up to.

Favorite Tracks: Brighter; Pressure

Favorite line: Some things I’ll never know, and I had to let them go.

Say It Like You Mean It – The Starting Line

The band’s best record, imo. Such powerful lyrics, very strong emotions, and hardcore pop punk tunes rolled into one legendary piece of work. I’m still hoping they get back together though and produce more awesomeness (and visit Manila, if they please). I cannot quite explain myself the way Kenny creeps up into me whenever he sings. And the stories of their songs! Need I say more?!

Favorite track: Cheek To Cheek

Favorite line: Try and feel, try and listen, try and think of what you’re missing, try and look into my eyes. Try. Goodbye.

Underdog Alma Mater – Forever The Sickest Kids

My love for these boys is unconditional.. though it was definitely not love at first sight. I remember my college buddies bugging me to hear FTSK out but I was too weirded out by their name so I never did, until at least a year later. I guess their songs are the kind that slowly grows on you the more you listen and pay attention to it, and stays there. With Jonathan, Caleb, and Austin’s perfect blend of voices, it is not pretty hard to love. Mix it with their catchy tunes and simple yet striking lyrics. I found their perspective refreshing and, well, different from other bands. This record means so much to me ’cause it served as a turning point in my musical preference and also I saw more of the beauty of the underground band scene today. Lastly, it’s FTSK, duh. (Know more on how much I love them here)

Favorite tracks: My Worst Nightmare, Breakdown, Catastrophe, and the rest of it, ha!

Favorite line: I know that I shouldn’t let it get to me. But it does, who am I kidding?

Whew, that’s a lot. If you have the time and you haven’t heard of ’em, do give it a try! Who knows, they might just be the next few albums that could change your life. x



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