Calming my nerves now

So, tell me. Have you ever seen one of your favorite foreign bands live, for free, with your dad and sister waiting in the crowd with you for more than 2 hours standing and enduring hunger just to lay eyes on the beautiful faces of the members?

I did. And it was one of the most remarkable moments of 2012.

I ain’t the biggest fan of The Cab but I have been enthralled by their music since Take My Hand from Whisper War. Then I became an avid follower of their blogs and there’s just too much passion in these guys that made me want to support them all the way. How Alex (De Leon) treats their fans is one sure way to a fangirl’s heart, including mine.

Okay, that’s not what I meant.

There. Last Sunday, one very lucky fan was called on stage before the band played Endlessly until they finish the song. She got to kiss Alex Marshall (omg yes) and even dance with Joey! HOW LUCKIER CAN SHE GET, RIGHT. Anyway, it was actually funny how my sister and I reacted. We were hysterical! Can’t stop talking about it on our way home.

However, I guess these tweets would second the motion.

(Photo from this Tumblr post)

Aside from that, those boys are way too sexy for my eyes. Joey’s non-stop headbanging (oh, that ginger), De Leon’s eyes and beanie and muscles and everything else, Marshall’s smile and piano skills, Chantry’s back up vocals, and Dave Briggs, man. People might barely notice him but he’s got some mad drumming abilities. My father was actually impressed.

Chance and Alex being all cute and stuff <3

For the record, I didn’t get a ticket for this thing so I was kinda far from the stage. But who cares? Shout out to the Ayala Malls for making all these possible! Thank you!

Right now, I shall prepare myself for BRF on Sunday. Oh, and Saturday! It might be a long shot to meet and greet my FTSK boys but I’m gonna take my chances anyway. Fingers crossed until the 30th!

Disclaimer: All The Cab photos are from Philippine Concerts’ Facebook account.


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