No doubts, no pauses, just love


I’m having mixed emotions right now I can’t even I dunno no one will ever understand my love for bands and my love for FTSK and my dad just came home and he wouldn’t believe that I’ll be at SM Megamall tomorrow by 7am because I have to meet the coolest guys ever whatever happens ok well dad I will be there that early so yeah it’s like nothing else matters now but BRF I swear they’re the only thing in this world that make me feel better and do not ask anything in return I hope people would at least respect that gosh I’m blasting FTSK songs right now and I’m too excited for tomorrow and for Sunday omg I hope everything will turn out good please

I’m sure it will.

Feeling better now.

Praying for this weekend. Looking forward for epic shit to happen.

Fingers crossed. x



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