A fortnight later

So yeah, I purposely did not blog for two weeks for my Post-Concert Depression has gone out of hand.. especially on the first week. I skipped 4 of my classes (luckily one of it was free cut so technically it doesn’t count), stayed in front of my laptop the entire time, and eagerly waited for the bands’ tweets. Believe it or not, I cried when I learned they were leaving. It was so sad and I felt so hopeless.

Then life happened, as always.

I don’t want to ever move on but we all have to, right? The first week passed like a blur until my family decided to go out. We saw Taken 2 and Hotel Transylvania over the weekend. Thank God for films for being good diversions. This second week’s a bit kinder though since school’s been light and stuff. Though I’m still trying my best to get back on track, let me reminisce some of my Bazooka Rocks concert experience for a bit.

(Photo from Bazooka Rocks’ Facebook account)

Just look at how sweet that is. My boys doing their thing and everybody partying. I hate to be biased but what can I say, they were the best that night — letting the crowd surf, bringing fans on stage, getting us slamming, gangnam style-ing (lol), and Kyle and Jonathan climbing the trusses at the end of the show for tha win!!! I don’t know about you but I had the freaking time of my life.

I won’t do a recap though because you have to be there to understand how awesome it was. I won’t also post my crappy pictures because it absolutely don’t give justice to the event. I can only capture so much! (I recorded some of FTSK’s and Marianas’ songs so hehe) I will, however, show you this:

Behold, the girl with the neon sign =))

LOL okay, so I did this a few hours before the event and holy smokes, who would have thought this would be my ticket to get noticed?! Although I’d admit, that was my goal. Actually it was my sister who was holding it the moment Jonathan asked “the girl with the neon sign” to climb up the stage. Of course we immediately ran towards the stage and I’m certain she’s gonna get to hold Jonathan if it wasn’t for the bouncer in red that blocked our way (I’ve moved on and I’m sorry BUT fuck you with feelings kuya) despite Jonathan’s pleas. “Please, make room for her!” I recorded it up until he never let us through and they started playing Catastrophe. It sucks but the fact that he noticed our sign was priceless. I guess that’s gotta be the highlight of our night. <3

With sister and bff after FTSK’s set!

So much has happened that night and to be honest, words will never be enough to explain how epic it was, particularly the mere 1-hour performance of my favorite band. Two weeks have passed and I still can’t stop smiling every time I remember it. Two FTSK shows down and both proved to be the best shows ever. Now all I ask is to meet them and be friends with them before the world ends. CHOS.  Universe, I hope you make this happen though ;)

Looking forward to the next concerts I’m going to attend! Paramore and Smash Project, anyone?!?

PS. To the people who keep whining about how rude and rowdy and even annoying the crowd was during the concert, do the world a favor don’t come back next year. It’s a rock concert, dammit. It’s going to be noisy and messy and you’re gonna get pushed over and stepped on by random strangers. Either deal with it and have a good time or go home and quietly listen to your iPod. Don’t be a buzzkill.


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