You know those days when everyone is just extra annoying even though they’re not doing anything? It feels like this.


For the record, I never liked socializing. I never liked people generally, though some of them are okay, I guess.

So let me tell you a story. I saw an old groupmate of mine going to school earlier. He always had this potential crush sign on him since the day we became friends (lol) and he was walking in front of me with his girlfriend when I realized I have slowed down my pace, hoping they won’t notice me behind ’em. At the same time, I can’t seem to stop staring and I sincerely don’t understand why. See, they’re the kind of people I would want to be best friends with and would want to be like and they just look so perfect for each other, idek. It’s weird and scary but extremely fascinating how awesome people find equally awesome people and be able to tolerate each other.

Speaking of tolerate, I have this one classmate in business class. We’ve been classmates once and we share common friends but that’s about it. I know I barely know him and I don’t care but, man, doesn’t it piss you off when a student  feels like a know-it-all? For weeks now, I’ve been tolerating this person’s existence in class and I just can’t help but think, Fuck stop talking already sdfghjsa leave the people alone omg go away and disappear. I swear to God, I’m only waiting for the moment I will snap and think of this out loud. What can I say, people suck. Some just suck more than the others.

In other news, it’s sad when you meet up with an old friend and try to see if the old relationship’s still there only to find out it isn’t. You try. The both of you try.. or at least you did. But growing apart is apparently inevitable and there’s nothing left to do but to find somebody new. (Holy shit that sounds like a line for a song or something..) I guess you do what you gotta do if you don’t want to wind up alone, then.

Or maybe being alone is actually better…?

The thing is, I have no idea what I’m talking about and why I’m saying all this. But then again, I don’t know what I’m doing half the time. People should stop thinking that I’m shy, though. They don’t know half of what’s going through my mind and they should stop assuming if they don’t want to end up in this blog.

In a totally unrelated note, it’s Halloween today. Not that I have anything interesting to do though I always wanted to carve pumpkins and dress up as the corpse bride or something. Yea, just saying.

(GIF & photo reblogged from Hey Funniest Post! in my tumblr. Check it, I post awesome shit too ;)



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