Why You Aren’t Chasing Your Dreams

So relevant right now. Thank you for this.

Thought Catalog

There’s something you’d much rather be doing, than whatever you’ll do today. As kids, our future aspirations (which changed frequently) seemed so possible. Is it because we were naïve adolescents? Or were we actually full of the hope and confidence necessary to accomplish our visions, before being drained of that conviction over the years? Our dreams are put through the wringer as we allow laziness, letdowns, and the preconceived notion that we must attend college, obtain a degree and jump into a career squeeze the life out of them, as we succumb to being “realistic.”

So you forget. You disregard your passion, and do whatever pays the bills. Sure there’s that thing you love, but what are the chances of it working out? It’s best to just drop it. But one day something triggers your memory. You watch a low-budget movie that you could’ve acted in or produced…

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