What I think of today

You know how PMS can ruin a woman’s day? Yeah, well, mine started that awful – throwing out hate on just about everything from the moment I woke up, without a particular reason. Sux, sure. But where else can a horrible day go but up?

Today was just chillin’ Sunday. Unlike the past Sundays, I woke up at 9 am. About 4 hours later than usual. Postponed my weekly jog outside the neighborhood and the morning mass. It feels liberating, to be honest. It’s been my family’s habit for the past few months to do activities the entire day because it happens to be our only free day. At least back then, until it became a routine. Anyway, my day was composed of nothing but Castle marathon, 6 pm mass, and a trip to the grocery store. Funny how realizations strike you when you least expect it.

For the past week I’ve been indulging in ABC’s Castle and it has been an effective pick-me-upper. Especially today. I lost count of how many I have watched (but I’m on to season 5 already!) but I magically forgot how annoyed I was with the world. It felt good, actually. So apparently, I went to church in a bright mood. My sister and I got there early and there were empty seats inside along with a sea of people, like it was specifically meant for us or something. (Mind you, we often get there late so you see how this is remarkable) Not just that but the people seated around us were surprisingly nice. Nice as in they participated through the whole thing, smiled at me during peace offerings, and you know, just not snotty like how 90% of population is. I tend to be one sometimes so I know how to spot one. ;)

So there, just when you were starting to believe that humanity isn’t as bad as it seems, this guy cuts the line in front of you at the entrance of a grocery store. AT THE ENTRANCE. And he was aware, alright, because he even turned back and looked at me in the eye. What more if it was the counter or something even more important like a final trip to Mars because the world is ending in 3 days? I could only imagine what these kinds of people would do to save themselves and get there first simply because they cannot wait. It’s terrible but it’s reality.

I was pissed for a split second until I realized what a waste of energy it is. Sometimes I forget that this is an imperfect world, third-world style. For all I know I may be the only one who’s seeing this. Bottom line: It’s how we deal with things that we have no control over. Yes they are little things, but they sure do mean a lot to those who pay attention.

Or maybe it’s just the Castle in me talking. x



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