IRL: Singapore (Day 2)

So, finally I was able to sift through my remaining Singapore photos and post-process them after over a month (lol).

On our last day we went to the famous Bugis st. which is the Singaporean equivalent of our own Divisoria. Well, sorta. We just shopped some and apparently  I took less photos than I thought. Next, we rode the train to a mall to have lunch on this really good chinese restaurant (I forgot which, sue me!) which was insanely deliciousss. After that, we rode the cab on our way to our next destination,  Gardens by the Bay. The place has several attractions but given our time limit, we were only able to visit two: The Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest. There’s just so much to see that we spent the entire afternoon ogling the beautiful scenery, and in my case, the extraordinary architecture as well. Different types of succulent plants and flowers were to be found scattered all over the place, not to mention the cool, fresh scent that flows within – very relaxing indeed! However, I couldn’t find a good enough photo to show the water fall in Cloud Forest so that will do. (CF is the one with the mountain-like formation and the fall is right behind it.) Before leaving, we even had this rose-(and multiple other flowers)-flavored ice cream that they sell by the entrance! I was so blown by the fact that it tasted like the real thing, I had to photograph it. YUM.

Next up, we brisk-walked our way to Marina Bay Sands to have an early and surprise dinner for my grand mom’s birthday. My cousin reserved us a spot at this resto called KU DÉ TA, which surprisingly has quite a number of Filipino crew. Not just that but it also provides an overlooking view of the entire Marina Bay at sunset! Too bad though, I was running low on battery and memory so we had to resort to iPhone cameras, which I didn’t have and neglected to copy from my mom, hence the absence of the said shots from this photo set. HAHA ugh. But yeah, we’re off to our next and last destination (nope, not final, ’cause that would be creepy) – to the Night Safari! I strived to take decent shots of the animals that night while on the tram and I ended up with these elephants and flamingos. However, there’s more to it than this, I promise. Deers, tigers, hyenas, hippos, and many other animals were all over the place, but not in a dangerous kind of way. You can even choose to walk on your own or ride the tram like we did. As you can see, flash photography was prohibited so I just snapped until I drained my batt.

That same night we left for Manila, exhausted but definitely delighted and satisfied.

View my Singapore (Day 1) photos here.

Note: All photos are owned by this blog and shall not be used in any other material.




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