Fragmented Sunday Introspections

It’s actually refreshing to be surrounded with strangers once in a while.

I mean, socializing is not my strongest suit and I’m still quite trapped inside my own tiny bubble 95% of the time, but it’s somewhat gratifying to realize that I can now be carefree about it and, on top of that, still have a good time. (Because before, I only used to not care at all.) I guess that’s the beauty of mystery in encountering people you haven’t met – you don’t expect anything from each other. It’s the perfect chance to be who you want to be and start anew, just like what I found myself to be craving for lately.


I have read once in an article that in order to truly live life, one should invest on experiences instead of things. Now, not to be an expert on life (’cause I shamelessly suck at it) but I could say that all of my happiest memories came from following that advice. At least I’ve been doing something right. And I just wanted to remind myself of that for future purposes.


Sometimes I wish I couldn’t read people as good as I do.

Like how I can hear the approaching disappointment from the tone of their voice over the phone; their lack of interest from their blank stares, empty words, and steady breathing; the flash of judgment in their eyes and the lines around it, which they try so hard to cover up, when I stupidly reveal one of my darkest secrets; their exhausted grunts of acknowledgement because they’re just damn tired of listening. The list goes on. And it’s crazy how I notice these tiny details and kind of sad that I seem to be the only one who does. x



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