Animo Night ’13

In the words of the hosts and personalities that led the program last Thursday, “Ang sarap maging Lasalyano!” True enough for one can feel the spirit resonating through the university’s halls and grounds, radiating from within each individual clad in green and white as they chant DLSU cheers – and at one point, even the rival school’s cheers. The festive atmosphere that strongly smells of victory and everyone’s vibrant smiles which are visible from outside the gates were truly a beautiful sight.

There were singing and dancing and partying (not photographed :/) and fireworks and lots of screaming that had happened, but what astonished me the most has got to be the union of Lasallians that had gathered to show their support. And though I haven’t been able to take a photo with the famous basketball team (hehe), I am just glad I got to witness and experience the whole thing.

Of course, another highlight of the evening was meeting up with old friends and classmates who I have not seen in ages! And, well, it just feels good to be back and to know that you still belong. Somehow, at least. :) x



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