Empty space

All the questions aside // I asked and you lied // And now my hands are tied

Fact: My attitude can range from an ice cold bitch to a madly compassionate one. I’m just grateful of those few people that puts up with it no matter what. I love you.

Anyway, I am currently suffering from immense boredom I never thought was possible. My sister’s friends are downstairs using my computer so I basically can’t do anything. I have a couple more novels in stock but I just don’t feel like reading right now. I would go out and have a drink by myself but I’m broke as shit and we still have to buy tickets for this Halloween event happening this week, so no. I could start sketching for the PD project that I signed up for but my materials are downstairs and there are strANGERS THERE I CAN’T MOVE AND I’M NOT IN THE MOOD, DO U SEE MY PROBLEM.

Now I’m stuck in my room and just.. ugh.

I have been listening to this craaazy good song by The Story So Far for days, though. Just the perfect mood-setter.

I need to see them live asap, I swear.

Well, I NEED to get back to the concert scene asap, duh!! My last was on May for Circuit Fest and, God, it’s been forever. (Ew, it disgusts me just admitting that. *shudders*)

ON THE BRIGHT SIDE, both my parents are returning in a few days so, yay!! We miss having them around. Now I have my mom to be lazy with around here, lol. <3

Meanwhile, I wish the people downstairs leave soon so I can carry on with my life. Hmm, maybe I’ll just run out and get some donuts. And chips.

*remembers the left over ice-cream from last night*

Yep, I gotta go. x



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