Family first

It’s been quite a week for me with the parents who I’ve missed terribly.. although even I am starting to question my own definition of “excitement” since I’m only getting a minimum amount of time outside the house in my unemployed life lately. But yeah, we tried to do as much fun as we can while we were/are together.

Like, we did our old activities with dad: Early morning runs, movie dates, grocery shopping (which I used to consider our weekly therapy), driving around and joyriding, and late night dinners out. We also went to Skyranch in Tagaytay City on November 1st! That was random fun, haha. (Photos to follow)

Then last Sunday we reunited with mom after 7 frigging months!

And we shopped for 3 days straight after. LOL (excuse the hideous duck face pls)

Here are a few gifts from my mother’s kindness and unconditional love too, a.k.a. some of my most favorite things in the world: a new Mac, Jac Vanek, and a pair of drum sticks. But aside from all these, it’s the time that I get to spend with my mom that I love the most. You know it, I am the happiest kid on earth right now. <3

Now it’s time to keep my side of the bargain. ;) x



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