Confessions Part I


Due to the lack of blog post ideas, I have compiled the things that I used to write from one journal to another; things I wish I’d said and things I thought I felt at the time; things that popped out of my head that I would have told someone if only I had that someone to tell. So yeah, take a peek into my dark lonely soul and enjoy.

  • I have serious trust issues, which is probably why I’ve been single all this time. I’m a cynic and a skeptic and a terrible human being, but I keep on trying.
  • One time I considered being ran over by a bus and just die. This was during the lowest point of my life and so far I haven’t thought about it again.
  • I used to like my guy best friend a lot.
  • I like people watching. As much as I hate most people, I like people watching.
  • I am in love with a hollywood actor who is one year younger than I am. No, not the creepy stalker, screaming fan girl type of love. This shit is real, I just know it!
  • I’m so good at picking friends that I haven’t had any new ones in a while.
  • Ultimate weakness: Good looking guys, puppies, and cute babies – because let’s face it, not all babies are cute. (Ok, I told you I am one terrible – but honest – human being…)
  • Lately I’ve been apathetic towards everything BUT art, traveling, music, books, and films.
  • “Misanthrope” is my favorite word.
  • A classmate of mine once offered me a ‘fuck buddy’ out of the blue in front of the class. And I thought he was gay and we weren’t even close and that was the most awkward thing ever.
  • My greatest desire is to get away; to live so far away from everyone and everything familiar and just start over.
  • I am logic > morals 90% of the time.
  • I know my favorite song lyrics by heart.
  • “Trust me, you don’t want to be with me. There’s a reason why I’ve been alone all this time. I’m comfortable that way.” – If you know from what movie this is and cried and laughed as hard as I did, then I offer you my friendship for free and we can have a marathon of any TV show of your choice. I’m buying pizza! x

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