Happy New Year!

So here I am, trying to be a blogger and posting a wish list as my first entry for the year.

But first, a quick recap + update:

  • It’s been one helluva holiday season for the family hence my absence from the blogosphere and Twitterverse but I must say, Best. Holidays. Ever.
  • I just sent over two more job applications (since October lol) and I’m still unemployed. Not bitchin’ about it, though. ;)
  • Folks, I just became our new family driver. Driving skills upgraded to 163732, ha!
  • Mom just left for Maryland this afternoon and we wouldn’t be seeing her again until June…
  • Also, plans of visiting the States this year aren’t pushing through. Too bad, but not really that bad. I feel like I’m exactly where I should be right now and besides, the year has barely even started. Who knows what’s coming up, right?
  • Lastly, I feel different. Better-different. And I believe spending as much time as I can with my mom had a lot to do about it. Yayz for a better year starter!

Okay, proceeding with the list! I only want a few things in life but I usually want a “many” few things… like… yeah, does that even make sense? Anyway, I don’t expect to get anything from here, actually, unless I start working my ass off OR begin selling blood and my bloody body organs outside, yet here they are. My 2014 wish list, people.

(1) Journals from Urban Outfitters. Specifically the Ticket Stub Diary, Film Listography, Dream Journal, and One Line A Day journal. I guess you can say I’m a sucker for notebooks and journals and basically anything I can write and doodle on. I am one of those girls who have kept a diary since grade school and keeps a notebook by her bed at all times just ’cause you never know when an idea for a song or a poem or a masterpiece may pop up. The above journals are just to help me categorize the inner workings of my brain and somehow organize my life.

(2) Platform sneakers from Converse. There’s the platform Docs and the blooming T.U.K. creepers that I’ve always wanted to try on (because, fashion :))). And then Converse added soles to their Chucks and I woke up and realized it was the only kind of shoes I’ll ever need. Lol, but seriously. I saw these in one of their stores in Alabang a few days ago and I would have bought it in a heartbeat if it wasn’t for #brokegirlproblems. <///3

(3) Map watches from Urban Outfitters (again). Can I just say that Urban Outfitters sell the coolest stuff a 22-year-old girl can ever wish for?! Including these map watches that I’ve been drooling over for months. Wanderlust + time-related concerns = check! Also, I badly need a watch of my own.

(4) MAC Punk Couture Lipstick Collection for 2013. I am not, by any means, a makeup whore and I couldn’t care less how I look half of the time BUT I have always wondered how a MAC lipstick would look on me compared to how it does on celebrities and these are the exact shades that I would love to try first. So digging the Studded Kiss and Instigator shades! Of course, Hayley Williams and our own Saab Magalona endorsing MAC makeup didn’t hurt too. ;)

(5) Marlowe Flap Clutch from Fossil. For some reason I have been particularly fussy about picking my own wallet that all of my previous ones were merely gifts from different people. Until I found a gorgeous Fossil wallet, similar to this one, about two years ago on Macy’s and I never forgot about it. However, due to #brokegirlproblems, I wasn’t able to get it, so I’m still practically after it. Plus, my cards and future money need a home! LOL

Got your own wish list? Feel free to link it below! I’d love to check yours out. x

(Product photos found on Google, Urban Outfitters, and Fossil)



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