Some firsts: 2014

Let’s talk about some firsts – an improved version of my 2012 Some Firsts post. (Yeah, I plan on making this a yearly tradition now so let’s see how long I can last.)

First record: Paramore by Paramore

I first streamed the entirety of this album (via their Youtube account) when it was released last April and I gotta be honest, I didn’t quite appreciate it as much as I appreciated their first three records. After several months I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt so I got it last weekend and it’s been playing non-stop for 5 days. It’s also interesting to hear what Hayley + the band have to say after their “almost breakup” in 2010. And yes, almost all the songs talk about it. My current favorites are Ain’t It Fun, Last Hope, and Daydreaming.

First TV show: The Heirs

It is always an instant treat to see Lee Min Ho. Really, there’s nothing else to talk about. I’m currently on the 7th episode and loving it.

Unfortunately I have no particular “First Book” for 2014 as I am still in the middle of finishing Heat Wave by Richard Castle (which I started in December) and I don’t exactly have the funds to shop for books right now. I know, I need to step up my reading game! I’ll be working on it.

2014 movies

I have watched at least 10 films since the year started so the “First Movie” category is obviously not applicable (lol). Instead, I made a note of my much anticipated films for 2014. I must say, the April-June releases are looking good. And though I have had enough of vampires for the past years, Vampire Academy is directed by Mark Waters (Mean GirlsJust Like Heaven) so I expect something funny and entertaining out of it, and Only Lovers Left Alive will be starring Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swinton.. need I say more?

So yeah, it’s going to be an interesting year. We have our yearly dose of Marvel superheroes; Wally Pfister is releasing his directorial debut (and I have high expectations from this one); more best-selling novels will be transformed into motion pictures; and apparently fantasy/fairy tales and biblical tales are in this year. Let’s see about that. x

(Images of covers and posters found on Google)


2 thoughts on “Some firsts: 2014

  1. So far so good, sissy! I suddenly got interested about that Lee Min Ho series. But I hope we could meet again, an additional first for 2014! ;) Love you. <3


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