Off and on and off and on

Do you ever just have those kinds of days where you wake up and everything just feels sad and heavy and you can’t identify why?

I guess it began with a couple of dreams I had where one was about this good-looking man (that shall not be named for reasons) crying his heart out while being surrounded with his friends, and the other was about an old blockmate of mine who was about to go to Japan to continue her studies in Costume Design. As with most dreams, I couldn’t remember how it translated from one to the other but the latter definitely dropped this unidentifiable weight on my chest as I woke up.

Moments later I received the news that two of the girls that I’ve ever been closest to just got engaged to their respective boyfriends. It’s good news, of course, and I want to be really happy about it but for some reason it added more weight to my chest that it took me over an hour to get off the bed.

Hours later, my oldest bestfriend, who I haven’t seen in forever, scheduled to meet up tomorrow since she was around the area. I was so excited about this and I thought the blues were gone but the feeling was fleeting and just like that, I’m back to where I started.

Now I’m typing this ’cause I can’t seem to accomplish anything else in my agenda today. I just moved from the bed to the dining table to the couch, trying to find the right spot. I would go out but I’m too lazy to move and the car’s not even back and really, what’s the point of doing anything, anyway? That sums up today, I guess. Looking forward to feeling better tomorrow… x

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