Life lately

(as inspired by the awesome Camie Juan)

  • Started “clean eating” last weekend + more baking adventures with my future chef sister
  • New blog in the works
  • Finished post-processing NYC photos… Please take me back to 2012!
  • Champy (our Avanza) has finally returned
  • Unfinished room decors
  • Incorporating art into playlists (to be shared soon as I’m still finalizing things)

I can’t believe I almost forgot how nice it is to be really excited about things, no matter how little, especially those you are really passionate about. It’s like I’ve never been this productive and fulfilled in a long time, it’s such a lovely feeling. I know, I know, nothing is certain and all but the “future” that everyone’s been fussing about seems a lot less scary from where I am standing right now. And like I said, I’m just really excited about everything!! <3 x



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