Cards and cravings

If I had to summarize my week then that would be it.

I just recently saw The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and LOVED it so obviously I went through my “stalking stage” where I usually try to learn more about whatever it is I’m hung up about – and that’s where I found House of Cards, a current David Fincher project (if I may call it that since he’s the one that lured me into watching). At first I really thought I won’t last because I found it way too complicated for my ignorant mind. But then I just felt the need to see the next episode.. and the one after that, and then another and now I’m done with season two! Yes, just in a matter of days. #whatislife LOL

But seriously.

I wasn’t even planning on finishing it at all but it was too interesting and supremely thought-provoking that I had to see it through. Fun fact: Season 2 Episode 1 kept me up for about an hour thinking wtf just happened. I was that bothered. And I only remember having that same experience in 2012 after I finished reading Mockingjay at 4 in the morning. On a school day. Go figure.

Anyway, I wish that’s all I did this week but…


Okayyy I have been baking (and eating!) non-stop it’s beginning to alarm me. :(( It started last Saturday when we decided to bake a variation of butter cake for mom’s birthday. It was supposed to be a one-time thing but AHHHH I couldn’t resist trying out more from my pinned desserts when I happen to have all the ingredients in our fridge and pantry. 2 days after I made those cookies, I made 2 more batches of butter cakes with different recipes! I hate succumbing to temptations but damn PMS is making it impossible to say no. It keeps nagging “SUGAR!” to my brain and I must have consumed two weeks worth of calories from just the last three days and it makes me feel like all the effort I put into “changing my lifestyle” has gone to waste. <///3 I shit you not, this is so much difficult than I imagined. Must be the hardest thing I had to do next to my thesis, actually…

Of course all this while watching House of Cards for hours straight. UGHH.

However, I believe this shall pass. And extra workout time should definitely be offered in the coming weeks… x

(House of Cards poster found on



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