Series roundup (Part 1)

Given this much free time in my hands, I guess you can say that I’ve been spending almost half of it drowning myself in movie and series marathons – distributed throughout the week, of course. (I still like to schedule things if I can) So I have rounded up the best of the recent series I’ve finished in case any of you are looking for new (or not-so-new) shows to watch to pass the time – or to get totally engrossed in – whatever.

A quality family drama –  that’s what Brothers & Sisters is. Introduced by my mom, we binged on its last two seasons together a few weeks before she left. Even though I haven’t seen the first three seasons before (she merely summarized it for me) it didn’t seem to matter and I *surprisingly* still enjoyed every episode. I mean, family is the most important thing and there’s just so much to learn about relationships from this one.

  • Seasons: 5
  • Year: 2005 – 2011
  • OTP: Kevin and Scotty <3 But Sarah and Luc comes close.

I’m assuming you’ve seen Tim Burton’s film, am I right? No?! Then you better get on it! Or you could at least refresh your memory because Fox’s Sleepy Hollow tells the story of Ichabod Crane some 230 years later in modern day New York. Pretty cool, huh? But I must admit, my expectations may have been a bit too high after seeing that pilot. Nonetheless, it’s still a competitive supernatural show if you’re into that sort so do check it out.

  • Status: Renewed for season 2
  • Favorite quote: “This is infuriating. I cannot get my maps app to triangulate. Ahh but I can still receive updates for your so-called social network. And how is it you have 500 friends? I had only seven close companions. Four of them died, and those were good odds.”
  • OTP: Abbie and Andy! Haha yeah, me and my thing for unrequited love.

I can post hundreds of screen caps and gifs from the web to prove to you that Freaks & Geeks is one of the best shows that ever existed, but that would be hella time-consuming so I’ll just recommend for you to Google it or better yet, read The Oral History of Freaks & Geeks by Vanity Fair. I’m in love with this show because of, I think, the honest approach of its story. It was perfectly casted and brilliantly written and at the same time hilarious, unpredictable (at least for me) and filled with teenage life lessons. Just my type of show.

  • Seasons: 1 (18 episodes – shame it got cancelled that early </3)
  • Year: 1999 – 2000
  • OTP: None, actually. They’re all unique individuals and I don’t think shipping any of them is necessary. Although, Sam Weir has got to be my favorite character. :)

One episode of Mindy Lahiri’s vivaciousness is all you need, really. After having my emotions thrown all over the place by F&G, I’ve found refuge in The Mindy Project. Fast-paced, funny, and verrrry entertaining, this show made me want to work in their clinic and be best friends with Mindy – although something tells me we wouldn’t exactly get along, lol. She’s that kind of person who’d be fun to be friends with but can be really annoying for strangers. But hey, I may have learned a thing or two from her life choices so I still positively recommend this show.

  • Status: Renewed for season 3, yay!
  • OTP: Mindy and Casey Mindy and Cliff… but I’m still undecided with that cliffhanger!

If you want to get your minds blown by hot people, then The Tomorrow People is the answer. TRUST ME. First episode and it’s gotten me screaming for more (literally) in front of my computer! It was recommended by a friend not too long ago over Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. so obviously I had to. (But in all fairness to the latter, I checked out its first episode but didn’t last 10 minutes.. Maybe next time.) Anyway, this has got to be one of the good ones – a well thought-out sci-fi among a sea of poorly told ones today. Definitely my newest fave.

  • Status: Currently has 16 episodes and ongoing
  • OTP: Astrid and Stephen! So much of the story has still yet to unfold, though, so we’ll see.

I’m about to start Part 2 so feel free to recommend. x

(Image sources: Brothers & Sisters // Sleepy Hollow // Freaks & Geeks // The Mindy Project  // The Tomorrow People)

UPDATE (05/13/14):

So The Tomorrow People was officially cancelled and I’m just so pissed, idek. I mean, I NEED more John Young action and #Jastrid and Stephen and his family and his newly discovered power to turn back time and shiz, like DAMN! I just think it was a stupid move to cancel a show this good.


I tried to give Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. another chance and was surprised I lasted 3 episodes LOL! Apparently not my cuppa tea right here.



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