Daily routine

Excuse this lame collage if you may as I talk about my routine for the past week…

Prep > Work out > House chores > Job hunt / Blog work = pretty much my whole life cycle last week, and probably for the next two weeks too.

Housewife Life

It’s not that I’m aiming to be somebody’s house wife in the future (lol pls) but it’s no secret that I’ve been involved in the kitchen for the past month and our helper is kind of in short vacation right now so I’m practically stuck with ALL the house chores. I just did the laundry and all other necessary cleaning and maintenance and shit and I just feel so proud. Now all I need is a high-paying creative career and I can move and set out on my own!!! Although finding the RIGHT job is proving to be more difficult than I thought. I just hope it happens soon, yeah?!?

The 1975

Because they have been on repeat since last Friday when I watched them live in Glorietta! Matty Healy is a total babe and their music is just perfect to chill with as I work in whatever it is I’m working on, lol.

Mirror, mirror

It has finally become a habit to start my day with exercise to the point where I feel awful without doing so. Damn, I wish this disposition lasts forever!

Everyday I’m Tumblin’

Ha, not really.. despite this photo HAHAH I swear I haven’t checked my account for days! What I’ve been doing, however, is scouring the interweb for possible jobs! As of today I must have applied to a total of 12 companies. In fact, I just had my first legit job interview last Wednesday. I’m not expecting to get the job but I’m pretty proud to pass their exam (along with 2 others) and have two sets of interviews. ON THAT SAME DAY. It was quite an experience! Onto some more…

Meanwhile, I’m off to prep for dinner before my sister gets home! CIAO x



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