Holy week travels

Featuring photos of our vacation in La Union, captured with my iPod.

It was quite an eventful 3 days and 2 nights with the family – something I’ve been longing for for months! We had our 10-hour drive to Aringay (which was supposed to be just a 4-hour drive wtf) under the scorching heat on a Maundy Thursday; experienced the INTENSE long lines and chaos at the toll gates, gas station restrooms and convenience stores (I swear, it looked so much like the apocalypse); visited and wandered around the summer capital of the Philippines (gotta be my fave stop! I didn’t want to leave too because the weather and food are TO. DIE. FORRR.); frolicked on Samara beach and Aringay river – all while snapping as much photos as I can.

On our way home though, our car broke down TWICE due to a punctured back tire which my dad then replaced with an old spare tire, which we later learned was also holed. Just our luck! Needles to say our travel time was again extended and we got home at around 1AM, when we left the province at 4:30PM! But we were still lucky nobody got hurt and we had that much food in the car, so it was still a fun (ish) bonding experience.

PS. Shout out to my aunt and uncles for not grilling me on my current unemployed situation. Thanks for all your advice! You’re all much cooler than I thought. <3



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