Mikka’s 19th


Wow, time sure flies so fast! I can even remember my own 19th as if it was only yesterday. Now it’s my baby sis’ turn!! I guess she’s not so baby anymore. Of course, how else would she want to celebrate it but with her (and our) favorite things to do: Baking + eating!


It was our second time to bake a cake from scratch so we somehow already know our way around it. But it was our first time to bake a CHOCOLATE layer cake and we really wanted to ace it so we scoured the web for the best recipe we can find. Something that doesn’t consist of sugar alone, you know what I mean?

So we found this Chocolate Buttermilk Layer Cake recipe from The Pretty Blog and just modified it a bit. We reduced the batter sugar into 1 1/2 cups since we figured the icing is going to make it sweet enough. We’re also thinking of using muscovado sugar next time for a healthier alternative. Anyway, we made 2 batches which is equivalent to 4 layers – one cake to give away and another to devour at home! The icing recipe was already good for 2 batches so more leftover cream cheese for us, ha! Just added a little amount of dark chocolate and a sprinkle of confectioner’s sugar for presentation purposes, it’s not necessary.

The finished product! We refrigerated it for about a day and the icing was just perrrfect! We loved the cake itself too because it was firm and heavy, unlike most of the store-bought chocolate cakes nowadays. One slice is just enough for dessert! We even made the cake last for 3 days, I think. *Dishware c/o of Holiday Ham LOLJK*

Welp, ’til our next cake-baking adventure! We’re planning to make mom another butter cake + a cheesecake (remind me to buy a springform pan!) when she gets home. Ahh so yummy, I’m excited!

Follow me on Pinterest for more dessert recipes. I try to pin everything I make at home. <3 X



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