When frustration creeps in

It’s been a while since I poured my heart out on a post. Maybe because lately I’ve been striving to make this site as visual as I possibly can, and also maybe because I am becoming less and less attached to this. I don’t want that so let’s break the streak, shall we?

So… I had my third legit job interview and second solid rejection the other day. Ahh, yes. I was so depressed that it took all my strength to keep myself from breaking down the moment I stepped out of the interview room. I know, “Woah, emotions!” I can’t even remember the last time I got that emotionally hurt. I have prepared the entire day before – I studied and practiced and I even wrote down my answers to every possible question there is because I was set on acing that interview BUT (and it’s a big fucking “but”) it appeared I was somewhat more prepared than my interviewer. And then you see all your effort go down the drain and you try not to swear loudly as you ponder over every preparation you’ve made. Not one question I’ve practiced was even asked. Sweet!


It sucks big time – to be so ready only to find out you “don’t fit” in the position; To be judged merely based on the things you’ve done and accomplished instead of the things you know you COULD HAVE DONE with your knowledge and skills. It’s just hard to justify yourself when not one company or organization would even give you the opportunity. I mean, I won’t even apply if I didn’t think I am up for the task, would I?

But hey, whatever.

It’s done. Moving on to better things now. Like my budding online portfolio.


It’s still a work in progress but I’m excited to fill it up with more projects! I’m currently available for hire and freelance work, kids, and I promise to be worth every penny! I do a variety of services from production designing to illustrations and lay-outing. No, I’m not an expert, but I do not commit to projects I know I can’t handle. Just hit me up at meera.pauline@yahoo.com or view my online portfolio at www.behance.net/meeradevera and let’s make something!

Note: Will also work for food, art exchanges, and free travel. :) X



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