Life Lately Vol. 2

  • Job hunting / freelancing
  • Including salads on weekly meals <3
  • Main website = 80% done. Too stoked for this!
  • Series binging. Currently on Supernatural S07 + Game of Thrones S03, and started Salem and Penny Dreadful! Don’t you just love free time?!
  • “Don’t sell your heart, don’t say we’re not meant to be!” Hating myself for missing We The Kings for the SECOND time. <///3
  • Making my “Sweets & Desserts” board come to life one by one. ;)

Despite all the career frustrations, life goes on! Mum will be back in a week and I’m going to pretend to be busy before she does. I’ve things scheduled throughout the week and I’m hoping I get to accomplish every single one of them on time. I’m also currently doing revisions on my second freelance work for a friend *cue tears of joy* lol. Here’s to hoping for more jobs to come and getting paid soon! ;) x

(Credits to Camie Juan for the “Life Lately” series idea. Read Vol. 1 of mine here.)



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