Confessions Part II

Finally followed up to Confessions Part 1 ~

  • My strict clean eating diet is slowly declining since mum got home. Same goes with my exercising habits, and it sucks big time! NEED TO GET BACK ON TRACK ASAP ok
  • Love, love, love. Feels like I’ve been searching for it subconsiously lately like wtf (works as a poem, yes?!)
  • I have never reacted/fought back to catcallers EVER although I’ve been meaning to! Kinda embarrassing to admit that and it makes me feel like a coward, but I’ve been embracing feminism for the past few months and I vow to flip men off the next time I get in a similar situation because it’s abOUT FUCKING TIME ALREADY
  • Frustrations are slowly starting to tear me apart, I can feel it. And it’s messing up my faith on the existence of a higher power and I hate myself for it.
  • Death by sugar for the past 2 weeks might as well be my cause of death… *knocks on wood 3x*
  • “Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.” Currently trying my hardest to fight off this statement and get past my own insecurities, which is so freaking hard btw :(((
  • Sometimes the things I did 10 years ago still haunt me. Does this happen to anyone else too?
  • It seriously frightens me that I seem to care less and less everyday. About others, about the world and everything else.
  • I cry when I get too inspired and I can’t even begin to explain why, it’s crazy. Or just maybe I am lol
  • Honestly though, I just want to be swept off my feet. Is that too much to ask for? x


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