Design Her Story Bazaar

Eh ey oh, ey oh!

LOL I can’t get that Bastille song off my head, sorry. It’s been a crazy month and my blog drafts are piling up ’cause – hear this – I cant find the time to finish them! I guess it’s a good kind of problem to have, yeah?

So let’s start with Design Her Story.

Last Sunday I went to this blogger bazaar at Local Edition in Makati with the hopes of meeting my favorite internet people + purchasing their awesome art and stuff. I’m not gonna lie, I didn’t know what to expect since it’s my first time to participate in one of these things, and I even brought my mom and sister with me. But seeing ~the blogger scene~ and having a personal encounter for the first time with these people I only read about and look up to was actually quite exciting! The highlight of the day definitely goes to meeting my biggest art and blogging inspiration, Ms. Reese Lansangan (

The story: Upon entering the café, I immediately found her booth BUT didn’t make my way there right away because I didn’t want to look like an over-excited super fan, you know? HAHA so we first bought drinks and snacks and bought a couple of stuff from the other booths. As we’re settling down, I tried to find the courage to finally approach her. Being the awkward person that I am, breaking the ice was quite the struggle. I sucked at chit chats and small talks, especially with strangers! That’s why it surprised me how we even got to talking and taking a photo! Fortunately (for me), she turns out to be the sweetest person EVER, which made me admire her even more. <3 She even hugged me and tweeted about us meeting and I shit you not, tears of joy were shed on my way home. It’s just nice to finally have a personality behind the name and the blog. So if ever you get to read this, thank you so much for being nice and awesome and inspiring, Reese. <3

I also got to meet the uber gorgeous and my fellow Benildean, Camie Juan (, who is currently sporting her ginger hair. Wish I could pull off changing hair colors too and still look acceptable LOL.Wasn’t able to buy anything from her :( but she was still so game to take a wacky photo. Thanks, Camie! <3

In other news…

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it here before but I just snagged my first job, you guys!!! After months of ranting and going through the different emotional stages of being unemployed, I am proud to finally be part of a team I actually respect and admire. I’m still learning the ropes of the job but it sure feels good to be taking this step forward, this one baby step closer to my dreams. So to answer the question from the Design Her Story Bazaar “Are you doing what you love?” No, not yet. But I’m getting there. Just you wait. :) X



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