On why I barely talk at all

Lately I’ve been dealing with a lot of different people as a requirement for my new job. And as fresh and exciting as it is, there comes a point where you get tired from doing something repeatedly. Don’t misinterpret this; I like that I’m learning a lot from meeting different types of people and getting a glimpse of their personalities, but do understand that if I don’t have to, I probably wouldn’t.

I’ve been asked quite too many times for the last few weeks why I’m always quiet, or why I almost never talk. So I figured I’ll finally break my silence (see what I did there) and put it to rest. I’m writing this down just so I can have an articulated answer the next time someone asks again. Perhaps I can just send them a link to this post so I won’t have to repeat myself ’cause I hate that shit.

  1. If you don’t personally know me, I am a professed introvert and it shouldn’t be a surprise that socializing and openly talking to strangers are not my strongest characteristics.
  2. I don’t butt into conversations that don’t involve or interest me.
  3. Unless anybody asks for my opinion, I am keeping it to myself because a.) I don’t want to offend anybody; and b.) Rarely anybody ever asks.
  4. Speaking out loud requires a certain thought process wherein my brain initially checks if saying what I think will actually contribute to the improvement of the conversation, of the people, and of the world, in general.
  5. I plainly have nothing to say.
  6. I almost always don’t care… (see fig 1.1 below)
  7. Finally, you probably suck and I probably don’t like you and I won’t pretend that I like talking to you – not even for the slightest bit.

Fig 1.1: DO I CARE?

So you see, it depends on a lot of factors. Please don’t get butthurt whenever I stay quiet or “snobbish” when you’re around, because it’s probably me, not you. Also, there are more important things to worry about other than getting noticed and getting all social. X

(Photo: From The Gathering Season exhibit by Reese Lansangan // Chart: https://twitter.com/MattBellassai/status/454356343030554624)



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