(never comfortable showing my face, sorry)

Hi, Meera here! I’m a twenty-something hobbyist, over-thinker, and daydreamer from the Philippines who writes in this tiny space as an attempt to record my thoughts and experiences of the vast universe – the good & the bad.

First, I may have the tendency to get wildly passionate about the things I consider important so bear with me. As to what they are, you’ll learn soon enough if you stick around. I’m a big introvert who used to try to fit in, which is probably the worst thing I ever did. I’m a skeptic and a cynic half the time all because my brain operates best through logic. I am a frustrated film-maker who loves chick flicks and Dawn of the Dead.  I used to play for bands and I terribly miss it. I live for concerts and live shows of my favorite artists. I somehow believe in aliens and mermaids and magic. I like good books and you can follow my Goodreads account here. I mostly listen to rock, pop punk, and my chill pill playlist. Also, my current self is greatly inspired by a few awesome people like JacReese, and Sam.

Basically, I’m just a nobody who refuses to be ordinary and is still trying to find her place in this beautiful, chaotic world. My life goals would be to meet my favorite bands, to sky dive, to live in New York and see the rest of the world. x